An inspiration, an idea, a passion, a choice!

We are a dynamic, avant-garde and obstinate team that aims to make known what is best done in Portugal through one of the most traditional arts and that most dignifies us abroad!

The desire to let go of the "moorings", to give way to the imagination, to be "footwear makers" emerged from the need for self-expression!

The shoes translates our identity, we understand that authenticity begins in the feet!

The relationship of "pure love" with the shoes is not explained, its felt, emerges spontaneously. We see shoes as real works of art with the added value of being portable, that we use daily, affirming the reflection of our personality!

One of our maxims is to draw shoes with "soul !, that "speak" for themselves, that manifest "own life"!

We conclude without hesitation that our relationship with the shoes is one of fidelity, and simply... we love carrying "wings on the feet"!