Shoes to Choose has created eclectic and multicultural collections that establish a bridge between past, present, and future.

The inspirations go back to far-off times and concomitantly add a new, bolder essence that drives the desire to experience something new and unusual, never seen!

In the philosophy of life of Shoes to Choose, the focus is on letting you “live” your “true self”, mark your difference and dare to have a creative mind!

The goal is to “paint” your life according to what you want and most of all what you dream of, in perfect harmony with what you are!

Emerging from yourself, searching for something new, overcoming barriers and overcoming limits is one of Shoes to Choose’s maxims.

An authentic life implies living in an exile, pure freedom to discover something new every day in you, to re-create yourself and create your future in the colors that most identify you!

Therefore, Shoes to Choose gives its customers a voice, so that they can express themselves according to their lifestyle, because we believe that there is nothing more authentic than being ourselves, inspired by our experiences, in search of our ideal and “spicy” for our most rebellious and differentiating characteristics!

Be unforgettable, be happy, be yourself!

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